Life Membership

Life Member Details

1968 Jack Maltby [Founding President]
1979 John Brennan [Founding Secretary]
1995 Colin Johnson [Founding Treasurer]
  James Scash [Founding Committee]
  Don Strahan [Founding Committee]
  Robert Barrett
  Barry Jarman
  Neil Rule
2003 Mark Considine
  Allan Maker
2004 John Mazey
  Gary Strahan
2005 Lou DiFede
  Michael Northam
  Chris Reggio
2006 Les Gooch
  Andrew Watson
2009 David Buck
  Laurie Sauer
  Ray Sauer
2013 Damien Cody
  Gary Ryan


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Life Membership Nomination Forms to:

The President
PO Box 1299, Upwey, VIC, 3158
Email: [email protected] to arrive by close of nominations on 31st August.