Dress Code

The dress code has been designed to reflect the standard of the Club yet be practical for all Club members, guests and members of the general public. The Club’s Management, are authorised to ensure that members, guests and their members comply with the dress code. Persons not complying with the dress code may be required to leave the clubhouse or the course. Members and guests should observe an appropriate standard of dress at all times, in the clubhouse, on the course and whilst using practice facilities. Should members invite guests, they are reminded that visitors to the club should be made familiar with dress requirements prior to play.

Golfing attire is to be clean, tidy and appropriate. In order to assist members and visitors to interpret this expectation, the following standards will be applied when considering the suitable of dress. Unless otherwise stated these guidelines apply to both men and women.

Dress Regulations

Dress of a high standard of cleanliness and tidiness is expected at all times.



√ Shorts must be neat and tidy.

√ Long socks, or predominantly white / ankle socks must be worn with shorts.

√ Accredited crew neck style golf shirt (NOT T-SHIRTS).



× Football Shorts, stubbies, athletic shorts.

× Gym boots, work boots, runners, sandals, or thongs.

× T-Shirts or singlet tops.

× Jeans or Tracksuits. 


*** WARNING ***

Most (if not all) Golf Clubs expect ALL players to be dressed to a high standard at ALL times and reserve the right to request any person or persons to vacate the course or club house if they are considered to be inappropriately dressed.