2014 Fixture / Upcoming Program

Date Venue Time Tees Competition
19th January Rosebud Country Club 8.00am SPLIT Tees PAR
23rd February Kingston Links 7.00am 1st Only Stroke – Rd.1 Grades & Putting
8th/9th March Yarrawonga 7.20am 1st Only Aggregate Stableford
23rd March Werribee Park 7.30am 1st Only Stroke – Rd.2 Grades & Putting
27th April RACV Cape Schanck 7.40am SPLIT Tees STBFD – Rd.1 Pres.Trophy & K/O Qualifier
25th May Eynesbury (The Station) 8.30am SPLIT Tees STBFD – Rd.2 Pres.Trophy & K/O Rd. of 16
22nd June Patterson River 8.00am SPLIT Tees Stroke – Rd.3 Grades & Putting
27th July Gisborne 8.00am 1st Tee STBFD – Rd.3 Pres.Trophy & K/O Rd. of 8 [QTR's]
31st August The Dunes 8.00am 1st Tee Stroke & K/O Rd. of 4 [SEMI's]
21st September Sandringham 8.00am SPLIT Tees STBFD - K/O Final
26th October Rosebud Park 7.45am 1st Tee PAR [OPEN Final]
23rd November Yarra Valley Country Club 7.00am 1st Only President's Choice (TBC)